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Suzi Quatro is an American singer/songwriter/bass guitarist who came onto the music scene with a string of hits in the mid-1970s. Dressed in leather outfits and playing a bass guitar that all but dwarfed her, she was really one of the very first women to break the mould and play hard and driving rock and roll. Although not that well known in her native America (most of her albums were recorded here in England), she has still been quoted as an inspiration to many of those who came after her including such people as Joan Jett.
In addition to her (for the times) pretty outragous stage persona, she also frequently choose to cover songs from male artists without changing the lyrics, thus giving lesbian overtones to the performance. Amongst the songs she covered were All Shook Up, I Wanna Be Your Man, and Wake Up Little Susie. Her musical range was very considerable from heavy rockers like 48 Crash, I've Never Been In Love Before, and Daytona Demon, to songs with an agressive feminist message like Can The Can and Much Wiser Than You, to power balads such as The Race Is On and The Main Attraction.
In so many ways, she showed the world that women could do rock 'n' roll just as well as men and her music still has a drive and message that has so much to say.



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