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Robert Jan Meyer isn't the sort of name that springs to mind when you think of latin grooves and hip-swaying electronica. But as Minus 8 he's one of a group of artists on Munich label Compost to prove you don't have to be from Sao Paulo to get into the groove.
Having been a bassist in a funk band, Minus 8 is obviously bristling with musical know how, and Minuit is a great example of what can happen when musicians from the jazzier end of the spectrum shed the band and turn to the sampler. The intrumentation is brilliant, and there's lots of great stuff going on, but there's always the danger of the end result being a bit bland. Before you know it you've got background music, albeit trendy background music.
However, while certain tunes on Minuit do skirt that category, others like the latin drum n bass crossover A Concha Cor De Rosa and the Apple G4 ad soundtrack Snowblind would fit nicely into the boxes of discerning record choosers like Gilles Peterson. More meat than your average noodle based dish.


  • Minus 8 - Snowblind (
  • Minus 8 - Badman & Throbin' (


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