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He has delighted some and disturbed others. To say the least, K--Maro's 2004 "Femme Like U" debut single did not go by unnoticed! Meanwhile, the guy everybody thought was a mere one -Summer-hit - amateur has proved himself.
"Guilty For Being The Best" became his motto which he tattooed across his arm so as never to forget it. Happily combining music and business, he personifies a new type of golden boy cum artist who manages his image, his career and his empire while keeping at the top of his creative power.
When K-Maro went solo, he made no secret of his intention i.e. to upset conventions , loading his hip-hop influence with heavy electric guitars and groove. An explosive mixture , not to mention a unique voice that makes girls swoon , which accounts for his growing fan - base 17 European countries, in Canada and very soon in Japan ! Export sales alone ( over 200 000 albums) have earned him 10 gold records from Russia to Germany. A master-stroke for an urban music artist - singing in French, to boot ! K-maro has decided to shift up to next gear. After six month in a recording studio with his K-Pone Inc. team, here's "Million Dollar Boy", a new, vibrant opus with a unique sound. Hip hop East Coast, latino intros, saturated rock guitars ... but also powerful lyrics. This is 'K.M.A.R.O. Sitting on top of the world'... K-Maro conqueror takes off the mask at last! We get a glimpse on his bad boy instincts - listen to Dirty or Strip Club - but we are also reminded that he has lost non of the true values he stands for : friendship, honor, love...


  • K-Maro - Femme Like U (
  • K-Maro - Crazy (
  • K-Maro - Que Dieu Me Pardonne (
  • K-Maro - Histoire De Luv (



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