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Helena's artistic talents and anxiousness to excel in them were revealed at a very early age. More specifically, Helena's talents revolved around singing, dancing and acting. Wanting to involve herself and excel in her talents, Helena began her studies of these arts even while she was still in school.
One of Helena's significant turning points in her life was with the creation of Antique, a group she created with her good child hood friend, Niko at the age of seventeen. Almost immediately, Antique signed their first record label contract with the then newly founded record label Bonnier in Sweden. Their debut single "Opa Opa" became a huge hit, reaching number one on the single charts and gaining a gold status. Following their success with"Opa Opa" came their debut album while later in 2001 came their first major turning point in their career with their participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. Their appearance along with the beautiful song "I would die for you" made one of the best impressions, something that was revealed through the voting poles? conquering third place! Antique's major success in the Eurovision contest led to a promising future and a successful career which included many platinum albums, a European tour, and collaborations with many highly successful and credible artists from Greece and abroad.
Despite the group's major success, their journey as Antique came to an end in 2003. Making one of the most difficult decisions Helena ever had to make, she decided to pursue her passion and her musical journey alone. This brought her to the dynamic team of Sony Music where she signed her first contract as a solo artist. In December 2003, Helena Paparizou released her first single as a solo artist, "Anapandeetes Klisis" (Missed Calls), a song that was written especially for her by famous singer and songwriter, Christos Dantis. Quite naturally, "Anapandeetes Klisis" became a major hit and remained onthe top of airplay charts as well as the sales charts for a very long time, reaching a gold status.
During the winter season 2003-2004, Helena appeared beside one of Greece's biggest
male singer, Antonis Remos at Studio Pireos music night club.
In spring 2004, Helena released her first personal album "Protereotita" (Priorities) from which "Antithesis," "Anamnisis," "Katse Kala," " Stin kardia mou mono thlipsi" became major hits. Her major success brought her to Fever music night club for the winter season 2004-2005 along the sides of Sakis Rouvas and Giorgos Mazonakis.
On the 21st of May 2005, Helena Paparizou will represent Greece for the second time at the Eurovision song contest that will take place in Kiev, Ukraine.
Helena has Greece's love and support, and we all wish her the best of luck!


  • Helena Paparizou - You're My Number One (
  • Helena Paparizou - Let's Get Wild (
  • Helena Paparizou - The Light In Our Soul (



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