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" This girl is sensational. I've read the other reviews comparing Dido to Sarah McLachlan, Fiona Apple, Sinead O'Connor, etc. But in my humble opinion: She stands alone as a unique artist with an incredible soul to share with the world. Her lyrics are poetry, and the music has beat. "Thank You" and "Here with Me" are just two great songs that we've heard around; but this entire album has the same bittersweet and heartfelt emotion. Clive Davis definitely had insight when he signed Dido up for Arista Records. I've listened to this album everyday since I ordered it from amazon.com (two months ago), and still haven't tired of it ." - Just one from thousands other reviews to her album.
'No Angel', a debut album which so captivated the listening public that it went on to achieve sales in excess of 12 million copies - and, in doing so, confirmed Dido as one of only a handful of British artists capable of breaking through to a global audience in the new millenium. Those songs of life and love, delivered in a voice that is artlessly, unaffectedly beautiful, proved conclusively that the small-scale and specific can strike a universal chord. Everywhere and ever since, fans have been hungry for more.



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