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Darell, Dave
... is born in a nice small City in Germany into an extremely musical and crazy family - 1996 he makes his first Ñattempts of walkingì in his own home-recording studio. By the time, he succeeds more and more and between the years of 2001-2007 he places several dance projects on the market. During this period his own unique electro-style becomes bit by bit apparent.

With his single ÑChildrenì he calls the attention of the German dance label ÑZooland Recordsì in 2008. Together they manage to receive world-wide attention and this simultanously becomes Dave..s international breakthrough. Thereafter he puts out remixes for Scotty ÑThe Black Pearlì, Manian ÑTurn the Tideì as well as his second single ÑFreeloaderì. And his 3rd strike together with "Hardy Hard (Berlin)" - "Silver Surfer" - Almost at the same time, these productions lead the dance charts in countless territories.

Dave spends most of his time in his studio developing new ideas and creating thrilling beats, all dedicated to the dancefloor. The rest of his time he spends Ñon tourì, since, for quite some time, he has made a name for himself as a well booked international Top DJ. For 2009, he already has a lot of plans and ideas and, no doubt, all aficionados of cultivated dance music are wishfully watching out for his upcoming releases...


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