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Through the merging of 3 different musical backgrounds, Annika Thörnquist, Per Lidén and Pier Schmid formed the group about 3 years ago.
The typical Da Buzz sound is: Melodious, Fresh, Uplifting, Feel-Good Pop.
- "Da Buzz is NOT meant to be an image-driven Pop group" Per insists.
- "With us, it is all about the music, we want to do it our way, and find our own sound" Pier added.
- "I have been singing for my whole life, and I am really pleased with the way I sound now with Da Buzz, it has certainly brought out the best in me!" Annika confessed.
The journey so far: The single “Do you want me” was certified PLATINUM in Sweden 2000, the single “Let me love you” sold gold in Sweden and their first album “Da Sound” was certified GOLD in Sweden 2001.
The success with “Da Sound” has reached far over the Swedish borders. They have been touring both USA and Japan performing in clubs and on TV.
They reached # 4 on Billboard’s Hot Dance music chart with “Let me love you” in April 2001.
“From it’s first joyous chorus, this one hits the ears like sunshine for the soul, at once catchy, blithe, and utterly inebriating”. Spotlight on Da Buzz, Billboard.
Now with their brand new album witch is to be released in March 2002 they are taking a step forward.
- It feels like we found our style, Per says.
- And the new album is going to be a bit tougher. But it still has that uplifting melodious sound!


  • Da Buzz - Wonder Where You Are (
  • Da Buzz - Do You Really Want Me (
  • Da Buzz - Dangerous (
  • Da Buzz - Last Goodbye (



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