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Is it something in the water that makes Sweden such a headland for pop? After introducing ABBA in the ‘70s, Roxette in the ‘80s, and Ace Of Base in the ‘90s, Sweden is as hot as ever. Now the stage is set for a new face to emerge from the musical hotbed of northern Europe.
A brash young master, Staffan Olsson, known to fans and friends as Bosson (pronounced b/-sahn'), has arrived with the kind of instinctive genetic understanding of pop, that arrives perhaps once in a decade.
Bosson has developed his abilities as a composer, lyricist, programmer and vocalist while recording at his home apartment studio in Gothenburg, the largest city in the southwest of Sweden.
And where does this passion come from? If song production is one-half of Bosson’s universe, then live performance is the other half. ”I love to perform onstage,” he says, ”to get to an audience, to entertain them, joke with them – it doesn’t matter what I have to do to make them happy, make them feel good. The kick I get back when they sing my song, that response is worth everything.”
In 2000, Bosson was the support for Britney Spears on her American tour. He has been Top 50 in Billboard. He has had thousands of screaming fans after him. He has written the theme for Sandra Bullock’s movie Miss Congeniality (the song “One in a million”). He was also nominated for a Golden Globe.
During the spring 2001 he has supported Kylie Minogue in Europe, for over than 70 000 people in the audience.
He has won the “Best Newcomer Award” at the Radio Music Awards 2001 in Singapore.
“One In A Million” writer by Bosson, has become one of the big hits of the summer 2002 all across the world.
2003 – next album “Rockstar” followed up with a next success. Singles ,“You Opened My Eyes”, “A Little More Time”, “Beautiful” went up on the charts one by one, left us with no doubt about his taste of hit-maker.
His unforgettable and very honest shows makes people cry softly, scream louder , love deeply. You have got your chance to get that feeling. Don’t miss it !


  • Bosson - One In A Million (Remix) (
  • Bosson - You Opened My Eyes (
  • Bosson - Etharisto (



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