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BEETKRAFT Feat. Reckless & Rukus - PLAYER

BEETKRAFT are a team of 2 producers, Claydee Lupa and Teddy Economou.
After Claydee spent countless hours in Sofita Studios where Teddy worked as an engineer, they realized they had a lot in common other than a trusting friendship. They decided to create a team on the basic idea of producing tracks for a “wider mainstream audience”, something that they both admired in world class producers around the globe and saw as the next step and natural progression of their work.
Both from different musical backrounds but with the same taste and views on music, they focused on following unwritten rules such as “Less is more” and “Simplicity” in their productions and later on began producing their first track known as “The End” for the young artist RECKLESS.Chemistry and forward thinking is what both use as a tool to strive in today’s competitive industry, pushing one another to the next level is the reason why BEETKRAFT were created.


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