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Baby Alice
In 2005 Tim and Andreas began to produce music together. At this point, without any intentions at all to get a serious music group out on the market.

From the beginning, all of Baby Alice's tracks were just made for fun with really provocative lyrics. The tracks included very sexual lyrics combined with great melodies, which people started to talk about! The rumor about Baby Alice spread fast online where the radio stations and their listeners immediately took them to their hearts. Every single release that came from Baby Alice took its place as #1 on all of the web-radio stations hit-charts and the groups popularity grew fast!

A greater demand to get Baby Alice on stage for Live performances was a fact and during autumn of 2005, Baby Alice performed Live for the first time.

In 2006, Tim and Andreas found a vocalist called Sandra who would become their "on stage vocalist" for the forthcoming 4 years.

Time passed by and so did gig after gig and the name of Baby Alice could be seen more frequently all around Sweden but. Baby Alice could be seen on lineups along with other great artists.

In the summer of 2007 Baby Alice had their hit "Mr. DJ" for their first time played on national Swedish radio, and got their first signing with major label Warner Music that also brought Baby Alice releases abroad.

In 2008, one year after the "Mr. DJ" release, Baby Alice left their label Warner Music for another one - Catchy Tunes. The first track supposed to be released for Catchy Tunes was called "Piña Colada Boy". The track slipped out on CD compilations and online but the official release never took its place. Almost one year passed before Baby Alice released their next official single name - "Hurricane" in 2009. This single started to bring Baby Alice to perform also abroad.

The first single, "Mr.DJ" gave Baby Alice a great push in the right direction and "Hurricane" placed Baby Alice as an established Eurodance-group on the market.
When all of focus was on "Hurricane", "Piña Colada Boy" grew online and turned into a massive hit all around the world! And now, 2 years after the "slip out"-release, is "Piña Colada Boy" bigger than ever.

In 2010, a new member took her place in Baby Alice and replaced Sandra as the new vocalist. And just a few weeks later, Baby Alice finally, officially, releases their online monster-hit, and crazy popular track "Piña Colada Boy", which hopefully will turn the summer of 2010 to something extra for all of us!

Baby Alice loves to perform on stage and that is what they want to do! To deliver their music live! So be sure to follow Tim, Andreas and Natalie in their way to the top as the fastest upcoming Eurodance-group in Sweden - Baby Alice!


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