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Platinum-selling singer and producer ARASH stakes his claim as one of the biggest pop music sensations to originate from Sweden, home to such pop pioneers as Abba and Ace of Base. But, it's the distinction of being the only music impresario of Persian heritage whose success has translated into the Western and European mainstream music market that makes his story one for the history books.
Following the five-year crest of success emphatically spearheaded by the release of his self-titled debut Warner Music album ("Arash)" in 2005, Arash is ready to parlay his unprecedented musical rise from Malmoe to MTV into a dynamic sophomore album that is sure to ignite the zeal of his super fans and garner the curious ear of millions of new admirers.
The project, appropriately titled Donya (World), features a global sound that injects the listener with a lethal rhythm of western production and mediterranean harmony. The blockbuster first single, "Donya," is a buzz-inducing collaboration with Kingston, Jamaican reggae maestro SHAGGY, whose career has been defined by a string of platinum-selling U.S. singles in the last decade and collaborations with such megastars as Janet Jackson. The 14-track evolution also features cameos by U.S. radio darling and international phenom- enon LUMIDEE, Swedish rap pioneer and certified hitmaster Timbuktu, and more.
Donya spectacularly hypnotizing follow up to the debut that made Arash a household in many European countries and saw the young pop icon reach the top of the charts in Sweden, Austria , Germany , Poland, Serbia, Hungary, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Israel, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey and the Czech Republic, just to name a few.
He has gone gold in 5 countries and has accumulated airplay on MTV outlets in more than 35 countries, and with his new album called Donya an eclectic conver- gence of rock, hip-hop, dance and world ballads, the 2-year long residency Arash undertook in his studio has paid immense artistic dividends.
Accolades and recognition from major global entities have been many and frequent for Arash, including his recent victory in Cannes, France when he was exulted as Sweden's most successful debut artist in 2005 at the International Music Market, and the inclusion of a reprise of his No. 1 smash hit, "Boro Boro" in the blockbuster Bollywood flick "Bluffmaster," which also featured Arash's big-screen debut in a cameo. The subsequent year, world-renowned sports magazine Sports Illustrated tabbed his FIFA World Cup ballad - an ode to his native country's national soccer team - as one of the top 3 such songs of the year, a distinction shared by pop musician RICKY MARTIN a few years earlier. Later in 2006, he won 2 Grammys in Russia and was recognized as the top import artist in all of Russia. 2008 he released Donya "The Album" with the singles "Donya" duet with Shaggy , Pure Love a duet with Helena in 2009 he participated in the Eurovision "Teh worlds biggest music competion were he neded up in 3rd place...
The future is bright for Arash, and his melodic flame has yet to reach to its pinnacle. And with the release of Donya, the whole World will feel the fire that is this artist's musical legacy.
During 2010 Arash is doing some new projects , he will also do some shows and go in to the studio to start his 3rd Album !!!


  • Arash - Boro Boro (
  • Arash - Temptation (
  • Arash - Yalla (
  • Arash - Tike Tike Kardi (
  • Arash + Блестящие - Восточные Сказки (
  • Arash feat. Lumidee "Kandi" (
  • Arash & Aysel "Always" (
  • Arash - Dasa Bala-Single Version (
  • Arash - Dasa Bala-Nexus Radio Edit (



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