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And One. And One are a pop/rock/electro/EBM/industrial/dance (delete where applicable) band based in Germany. They were formed in a club in 1989 Berlin by an exiled iranian dwarf called Steve Naghavi and a spikey haired german street urchin called Chris Ruiz. Since then they have been causing kids to dance dirty and girls to get wet in clubs all over the world.

On this site you can find a plethora of information on And One (some of it even true!) and even some pictures to back up at least some of the information. Below you can explore their history and glance over the various dumb and not so dumb questions people ask about And One and the various characters that have been associated with this outfit over the years.

To date there is absolutely no evidence to suggest than And One have ever been involved with the sale of basketball merchandise to impressionable american teenagers. They did sell them some CDs though, and broke a few hearts.


  • And One - Scwarz (
  • And One - Krieger (
  • And One - Fur Immer (
  • And One - Strafbomber (


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