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Alex believs that his stage name “Drive” reflects his style of DJ-ing. Music he plays on his performances is energetic, vibrant and powerful which makes a crowd dance all night long. As a DJ he pays a lot of attention to the type of music he is going to play for an independent audience that’s why his performaces are unforgettable and remarkable. He has the talent for creating a specific atmosphere in a club and therefore making people come back to listen to his sets again and again
Alex went into music at the age of twelve when he attended a music school . After two years of studying he discovered his real passion and future occupation – electronic music. His first drum machine was a Roland Boss DR-202,
This became a starting point from which Alex created his first compositions. By using various electronic components, such as synthesizers, samplers, computers, and drum machines Alex started to perform in front of audiences from the age of 16. His first live performance took place in a stadium on the same stage as the famous trance project - Astral Projection. Since then his career as a DJ has grown rapidly. Alex has become a professional and well respected musician and producer creating an impressive amount of tracks as well as starting up various commercial, dance and alternative projects.
Alex gained priceless experience of MC-ing, event coordination, lighting direction, and sound engineering while was performing with giant stars of electronical music such as Westbam, Astral Projection, Darude, Julian Liberator etc.
At the moment his studio is based in London where he has moved to learn new techniques and to get new experience. Alex prefers to perform house , funky house, progressive, electroclash, synthpop and electro styles. His venues can range anywhere from a small club, a disco, a rave, or even a stadium.


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