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It all started in 2001 when AKCENT hit single TI-AM PROMIS appears in December. We can surely say -2002- was their year. The debut album IN CULORI brings them the fame they`ve always dreamed about. As teen idols, they sold more than 120,000 copies, a record number for Romania. The TI-AM PROMIS video has revolutionized the Romanian Videos&Music Industry. It was the most unusual, interesting and colourful video ever appeared. Later on, the videos PRIMA IUBIRE and IN CULORI maintained them as No1 in all national charts.
The AKCENT history continues in 2003, when their second album 100 BPM appears. The hit single BUCHET DE TRANDAFIRI brings them back to the charts as No1. Their come-back was sensational. More and more fans joined AKCENT fan-clubs and they`ve become the most searched and supported romanian band on the internet. Later, in september 2003 is released the video for SUFLET PERECHE, a soft ballad that proved to be a massive airplay hit, reaching No1 again :P After spending the whole year touring, they didn`t stop. In 2004 AKCENT unleash their third album POVESTE DE VIATA , featuring some of the best songwriters and producers around. The lead single from the album, the track POVESTE DE VIATA shows the boys in a more mature and serious way. It is a song about the hard reality we are living in and it tries to explain that life is not that simple as we sometimes think it is. This was quickly followed by another single SPUNE-MI (HEY BABY!) a cool song with oriental influences. You probably know the rest of the history. In 2005, AKCENT returned with a brand new look, a new single DRAGOSTE DE INCHIRIAT and a new album SOS. The English version for DRAGOSTE DE INCHIRIAT – KYLIE – becomes hit single and reaches No1 not only in Romania, but also in The Netherlands, Cyprus, Greece, and Moldova.


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