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Steve Endigo is a german pianist, graduated with a classical piano diploma, as well as passionate producer of electronic music. After writing various songs for piano and releasing many electro and pop records worldwide, he felt the time has come to combine those two worlds into one project. The music of ENDIGO is the result of this idea!
His real name is Stephan Endemann, who was born and raised in germany. Stephan recognized his deep interest in music already in his early childhood years. Since the age of 6 he was taught piano, keyboard and organ. All through his life he kept the love for playing piano, so that he finally concluded his music studies in 2006 with the classical piano diploma at the music conservatory in Essen, germany. This provides indeed a wide ranged musical and theoretical background for his daily creative work in the studio (Begemo Music Studio).
Further ENDIGO is already well known for his productions and remixes - he is as executive producer and author part of international charts projects like Mondotek, Comiccon, Mondo, Daagard & Morane, Blue Affair and many more. Under those synonyms, ENDIGO produced remixes for Steve Angello, Tom Novy, Cascada & Flo-Rida to name a few. As DJ ENDIGO enriches the dancefloors with moving beats and classical flavoured melodies, that create an unmissable sound experience to the people. No matter, whether he plays in front of 100 or 10k people - it always stays the same emotional process!!
This very special convention of electronic music and the classical instrument piano is what ENDIGO stands for.


  • Endigo - Werewolf (Radio Edit) (


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